Steering Wheel

RATCO has developed a new replacement Steering Wheel for the TR6 and MGB models. The new wheel is slightly smaller, about 13"OD. (I'm having difficulty getting my leg under the original one) The rim is made from 1"OD tubing and will be both padded and covered with Genuine Leather which will increase the grip diameter substantially over the original wheel. The spokes will be Powder Coated an aluminum color similar to the original. The best part is that it uses the original hub, reducing the cost and making the installation a quick 10 minute operation. Below is a brief history of the development.

The Wheels are currently for sale


TR6 = $350 plus shipping

MGB - $350 plus shipping

Update 1/20/21

The initial production units have been completed, and the stitching issues have been worked out. We discovered that the MGB steering wheel is similar to the TR6 wheel, although the hole sizes, locations and orientation of the spokes are slightly different as are the spoke designs. The price for both wheels is $350 plus shipping, and we have begun taking orders. See the photos below.

Update 12/2/20

The first protoype is complete. The leather has been re-stitched without the bunching

Update 11/22/20

Heres the factory wheel

First remove the rubber cushion

The old wheel can be difficult to remove, so pull out the horn button to avoid scratching it.

Remove the 6 bolts, and remove the old wheel

Place the new wheel on the hub and install bolts

Replace the rubber boot, and you're done, 10 minutes tops, and no horn button issues like Moto-Lita. My test drive demonstrated it was much easier to get in/out of the car and driving was much better.

The stitch we are using is called a Corset stitch. In addition to sounding sexy, we think it looks cool, and provides a professional result. You will notice some bunching on the prototype, we need to work on our sewing technique. We will not be shipping product until this is worked out. Stay tuned for further updates.

Comments from our Customers

Hello Bob,

The steering wheel is in place and looks good, and the job really did take ten minutes (or less) to finish. I was in shock - I've had the car for nearly 30 years, and there have been very few components that weren't either a pain in the butt, or needed "persuading," (or both) to install. Your steering wheel is an honorable exception - thanks very much.

I will be in touch later in the year to buy one of your throttle control wire kits. In the meantime, I wish you a happy and profitable summer.

Chris Thompson

Hi Bob,

I received the steering wheel today. It was easy to install, and the workmanship is very nice!

I drove the car 50 miles and I like the feel of the new wheel. I can’t help thinking that this is the way it should have been originally. I like the grip and the slightly smaller diameter.

The only adjustment I may make is to bend the directional stalk away from the wheel, as my knuckles occasionally rub against it due to the slightly smaller diameter. Not a big deal.

Overall, very happy.

I will post a check to you, tomorrow.



The original wheel was dished slightly, and ours is not. We are looking into dishing ours slightly to eliminate this interference issue.

Hello Bob,

I said I'd let you know how the steering wheel felt when driving the car. So far I haven't had the chance to make any long drives, but on the local highways the wheel does feel comfortable, and my right knee is not as contorted as it was before. I thought the slightly smaller diameter might make turning at slow speed (such as reversing out of my driveway) even heavier than it normally is, but in fact there's no difference. If anything, the larger grip makes it a little easier. And that larger grip is also kind to my aging, and slightly stiff fingers. In short, I remain delighted with the wheel.

I hope to purchase your throttle linkage kit later in the year. I have replaced the original Strombergs with Mikuni HSR carburettors, but I think the kit will work, perhaps with a little modification. Have you had any customers with this type of carburettor?

Best regards,