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This section was inspired by a request from a customer to build a tool which was not otherwise available. We are very interested in expanding this section of our offering, so please call or write us with any special requests you might have.

Pinion Tools

In order to change the seals on the front of your solid rear axle or the three seals on the IRS differential. The tool holds the pinion so that the center nut can be removed. We make this tool for Triumph as well as MG, so please specify which you need. the tool is 24" long overall, and powder coated for rust resistance.

$150 plus shipping

Triumph Pinion Tool (similar to CLRG421 or CLS316)

3/8" holes centered on a rectangle 2.38" x 2.0"

MG Pinion Tool (similar to 18G34A)

5/16" holes centered on a rectangle 2.1" x 1.76"