Construction Details

All frame rails 2x3 11ga, (.119 inch wall) cold rolled welded steel tubing. Where bolts pass through the frame such as the Swing Arm tubes, anti-crush tubing is installed to prevent bolts from deforming the frame. Nuts are welded in at all other attachment points. New Grade 5 hardware is supplied with the frame.

All tower assemblies are 10ga. (.131 thick) cold rolled steel plate.

The Rear Differential Mount was a weak spot on the OEM frames. The RATCO differential mount is significantly more substantial and has four gusset plates installed for additional strength.

Engine mounts, and transmission mounts are 10ga cold rolled steel.

Post 72 Transmission Mount

Pre-73 Transmission Mount

Steering and radiator body mounts are 12 ga (.101 inch thick)

T-Shirts / mid frame supports are 14ga (.078 inch thick) cold rolled steel plate. Bottom T-Shirt is bolted on for easy Exhaust service.

Body mount brackets are 12ga. (.101 inch thick) cold rolled steel plate.

Rear trunk support cross member is 1.25 x 1.25 11ga. cold rolled welded steel tube.

Front lower wishbone mounts are 2 x 2 11ga cold rolled welded steel tube.

RATCO added heavy duty tie down points to the rear of the frame to simplify trailering and/or flatbed towing. These are 1/4" steel heavily welded to the frame.