Ford 302 V8

RATCO's Ford 302 V8 Frame

This modified TR6 or TR4A (IRS or SRA) frame allows you to install a Ford 302 engine and 5-speed transmission in your project with absolutely no modifications to the sheet metal. The engine and transmission bolt in, and the body drops on right over it. The modification of the drive shaft is up to you depending on what differential you are planning to install. The modifications from the stock frame are detailed below.

Modified Transmission Mount - the modified transmission mount bracket allows you to use an early TR6 Transmission mount and sets the tail of the transmission at the correct height.

The motor mounts are moved and re-designed to accommodate the 302 engine.

We use a modified motor mount available from Summit Racing which connects the engine to our modified mount

The front Cross pipe is modified to allow clearance for the 302 oil pan.

View from front looking aft

Here are some older photos of the engineering mock up, a bit more crude looking, but they show the engine and transmission in place.

Here are some customer Photos

Speedway Motors Block Hugger Tight Fit Headers, P/N 9300201.

Power master 9162 Small Block Ford Ultra Mini Starter 1.4kW A/T.

The customer will need to re-route the steering shaft around the headers.

The last photo shows some body interference with the headers. We understand the stock exhaust manifold clears the body without modifications.