Rear Trailing Arm Project

We are frequently asked to install rear suspension on our frames.  The original Aluminum castings have been increasingly difficult to source, and we have been wanting to design one of our own in steel.  Tony took this project on early this year, and below is a photo of our first prototype.

5/29/21 Update - as of this writing, Tony has a set installed on his personal car for testing.  After about 400 Miles of aggressive driving, Tony reports they are as good as the originals.  We have been building two additional sets for two more test cars, and hope to have these available for sale later this year.  They are designed to be compatible with various Disc Brake conversions kit we hope to offer as well.

8/1/21 - The Testing period has successfully concluded.  With over 800 Miles of hard driving, really hard driving, Tony is satisfied that the Swing arms are ready for the market.


$600 each SALE PRICE $900 for the pair