Double Wishbone Rear Suspension

Tony had a customer who wanted Double Wishbone suspension in the rear vs the standard OEM trailing arm configuration.  In addition the customer wanted Shock-in-coil suspension.  This solution is really an untested prototype at this point, but we thought we would share some photos to let people know there are still new things being developed at RATCO.

The changes up front to accommodate the Shock-in-coil were minimal and don't effect the body at all.  The changes in the rear will require the shelf behind the front seats to be modified by making the shelf narrower.  These modifications are minor, and should be easily accomplished.   The spring was left off the shock in the rear to simplify the assembly for the photos.

As you can see the entire rear section of the frame has been re-designed to accommodate the double wishbone setup.  The wishbones are standard TR6 front suspension parts, but the vertical link is a complete new design as is the lower spring pan. The customer was also modifying the drivetrain to accommodate a Chevy V6 engine and matching differential.  You can see in the photos that the differential is mounted very differently than the OEM diff.

Front Suspension modifications