Chevy Small Block

We have been asked multiple times over the years to do a frame setup for a Chevy Small block engine.  Finally, a local customer with the engine and transmission has contracted with us to do the necessary design work for this project.  Our part, shown below was to design the engine and transmission mounts for the frame.  The project has now moved back to the owner who will contract out the custom headers and the modified steering linkage that will be required.  Once that's complete it will come back to RATCO for cleanup and powder coating and installation of front and rear suspension.  We will also need to design a custom mount for the new Radiator once that part is selected.  Then back to the owner for the modification and installation of the body.  Based on the size of this engine, we believe modification of the inner fenders and possibly the firewall will be necessary.  

Based on where we are so far, it appears that the 350 block and the TR6 block are approximately the same length, and where we have the engine positioned, the rear of the 350 block looks like it's close to where the rear of the TR6 engine lands, right near the firewall.  The pans for the engine and transmission are just below the bottom of the frame, approximately 3/8-1/2".  We also installed the water pump and the engine cross bar, and have plenty of clearance.  This is the first cut at the installation, and we may find the need to make modifications as the project proceeds.

Stay tuned for further updates on this project as it moves along.