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SKU Title Price 8/18/2019 Description Application
CH01 TR6-TR250 IRS Frame $4,900 $5,500
CH02 TR4A IRS Frame $4,900 $5,500
CH03 TR2,3,4,4A SRA FRAME $4,600 $5,500
Frame Options  
1 Exterior Finish $725 $750 Powder Coated
2 Exterior Finish $0 $0 Unfinished, Rust Guarded
3 Interior Finish $200 $250 Foam Filled
The following items include installation on new frames (Click here for Kit Pricing w/o Installation)
Rear Shock in Coil Kit (SICK)  (Installed)        
SICK Rear Shock in Coil Kit $400 $500 Includes modification of customer provided swingarms(refurb not included), new springs, and shocks.  TR250/5/6, TR4A IRS
Richard Good Adjustable Swingarm Bracket $129 $129
Swingarm Refurbishment options        
 RSA-R Refurbished Swing Arm Set (2) $350 $475 RATCO Supplied S/A
Refurbishment includes Bead Blasting, Powdercoating, replacement of rubber bushings and caps, replacement and/or Helicoil of any damaged studs  
note: price includes $100 core charge for useable swingarms returned to RATCO        
For All IRS Cars
 RSA-C Refurbished Swing Arm Set (2) $225 $375 Customer Supplied S/A For All IRS Cars
Rear Tube Shock Conversion Kits (Installed) bracket attaches to original lever shock mount  
TCB $150 $150 Brackets Only
TCBK-01 $250 $250 With Monroe Sensatrac Shocks
TCBK-02 $250 $250 With Monroe Gas Charged Shocks
Sway Bars          
RSBK-3/4 Rear Sway Bar (installed) $225 $250 3/4 Inch Diameter  For All IRS Cars
FSBK-7/8 Front Sway Bar (not installed) $225 $225 7/8 inch Diameter For All IRS Cars
Front Shock Kit Options (must be installed at time of front end assembly)    
FSK-01 Front Shock Kit $155 $165  With Monroe Sensatrac Shocks For ALL TR Models
FSK-02 Front Shock Kit $135 $135 With Gas Charged Shocks For ALL TR Models