CH01 AND CH02 Construction Details

CH01 = TR6 - TR250

All frame rails except for the swing arm support rails are 3x3 11ga, (.119 inch wall) cold rolled welded steel tubing. Swing arm rails are 2x3 11GA tubing.

All tower assemblies are 10ga. (.131 thick) cold rolled steel plate.

Engine mounts, and transmission mounts are 10ga. cold rolled steel. Steering and radiator body mounts are 12 GA. (.101 inch thick)

T-Shirts/ mid frame supports are 14ga. (.078 inch thick) cold rolled steel plate.

Body mount brackets are 12ga. (.101 inch thick) cold rolled steel plate.

Rear trunk support cross member is 1.25X1.25 11ga. cold rolled welded steel tube.

Front lower wishbone mounts are 2X2 11ga. cold rolled welded steel tube.

CH03 Construction Details

CH03 = TR2-TR4

All outside frame rails are 11ga. 3X3 inch steel box (.119 wall thickness) cold rolled welded steel tubing

The x-box rails are 11ga. 1.5 X 3 inch C-channel. The x-box center is 12ga. (.100 inch thick) steel plate.

The all body mounting brackets are 12ga. steel

The lever shock mounts, front towers and and shackle supports are 10ga. steel

All cross tubing is 1.25 X 1.25 11ga. steel tubing

Brake and fuel line connection points are 14ga. (.090 thick)

Steering rack mounts are 10ga. steel

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Swing Arm Mount

Rear Diff Mount

Rear Spring Tower

Front Tower Assembly

Rear Bumper Mount

Complete Frames


Transmission Mounts

Lever Shock Mount

Steering Rack Mount

Front Shock Towers


Front Right Tower

Motor Mount

Rear Spring Shackle

Front Spring Mount