Emergency Hood Release

   You may not have experienced it yet, and we hope you never do, but one day you're going to pull the hood release handle and you're going to feel the cable slip from it's clamp, or snap entirely.  Due to the fact that the locking mechanism is located on the firewall, it is all but impossible to reach.  This simple and inexpensive kit allows you to have a secondary method of opening the hood in case of such an emergency.  Many of our customers tell us they like it so much they often use it instead of the original.  It is also more convenient because it is accessible from the passenger side which is where the secondary latch is located, so it saves some walking around the car.

   Our kit is unique in that it uses the existing hole in the locking mechanism, rather than requiring you to drill a new hole.  We always prefer to minimize permanent changes in favor of reversible changes.  The installation is extremely simple and requires only a single 1/8" hole in the firewall to allow the control rod to enter the passenger compartment.  Please review the photo below.