Shock in Coil Conversion Kit - #SICK

For All Triumph TR series IRS Cars

Now you can have the best rear suspension system for your Triumph. Race proven shock in coil technology places the spring and shock on the same rotational plane, decreases the sprung weight and neatens up the entire area as a bonus. This kit is essentially the same system as supplied with our new frames but it incorporates the necessary hardware to convert your stock spring and shock arrangement to coilovers.  It contains everything that you need and comes with complete instructions.

The conversion from stock to coilovers requires a degree of mechanical ability.  Some of the tasks you will need to accomplish are:

1. Removing your old shocks, springs and swingarms.

2. Drilling four holes in the swingarm base for the lower shock mounting plate. You will use the mounting plate as a drilling template.

3. Attaching the upper shock mounting plate to the frame with the hardware provided.

4. Reattaching the swingarm/shock/spring to the frame.

5. Compressing the spring to attach the assembly to the spring tower. This is easily done with a floor jack.

This procedure is performed twice. Once for each swingarm and is easier than it might sound.

The conversion should take about 3 hours once you understand the procedure. If you have ever replaced your springs,then you know how to do half of the job already.

You get the following material with the kit;

1. Upper and lower shock mounting hardware for the swingarm and the frame attachments

2. Two Monroe Sensatrac shock absorbers or optional stiffer gas charged shocks with hardware.

3. Two sets of rubber spring seats.

4. All hardware necessary

 Monroe shocks are recommended because this particular model fits in the coil spring and has the correct length and compression dimensions. Unfortunately for some, we have not found a performance shock that works well in this situation.

This system is perfect for normal street use and at the same time excels at those times when you want the best cornering performance.  Sensatrac shocks have variable valving and change their compliance based on road conditions. When the road is harsh they soften and when the road is smooth they stiffen.  The gas charged shock is stiff all the time and is a good choice for those who want better cornering stability during autocross or flat track..   Add a set of our front and rear matched sway bars and you’re ready to rock and roll.

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